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Controlled Gravity helps manage the complexity and risk of new ERP, HCM and core business system implementation.



Scale Big or Fail Big  -  Become Legend with Controlled Gravity.

Scale Big or Fail Big

Become Legend with Controlled Gravity.



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ERP / HCR Implementation

Rolling out a new HCM, ERP or other core business system can put a strain on any IT department. Pressure to maximize ROI funnels down from above while the stresses from over-taxed IT resources work their way up from below..

Controlled Gravity’s Enterprise Solutions group is vender a agnostic provider of ERP, HC and Core business systems implementation services - for all phases of enterprise-wide technology deployment.



Controlled Suite ERP

Controlled Suite ERP - Controlled Gravity’s complete ERP solution built to drive large Enterprise business velocity with a TCO designed for the smallest SMB budget. Whether you’re small, large or anywhere in between, leverage the power of Controlled Suite ERP to manage GL, Inventory, SCM, CRM, Human Capital and more with unprecedented visibility for partners, customers and management alike.

Onsite, in the Cloud or roll-your-own Hybrid, Controlled Suite ERP delivers the familiar Window’s Desktop that high speed data entry demands with a single login Web framework to streamline deployment and minimize support costs.

Consolidate, analyze and optimize workflow throughout the organization; gain insight into underlying BI from within your four walls and throughout your supply chain. Unleash the power of Controlled Suite™ ERP by Controlled Gravity Systems.

Controlled Suite ERP Product
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"Payroll is made by consistently building efficiencies, reducing costs, and developing new channels."

"Legacies are built by knowing where your industry will be in four years and consistently staying two years ahead."

- Robert Marchetti, CGS, Inc



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